We could not wait, because the bags are the most important accessory of Outfit of a woman and our research led us to a young designer and emerging Italian designers.


His creations are inspired by a multifaceted woman who through their curiosity search the inspiration to create a new world based on harmony between aesthetics and passion continuous with images, words and creations.

The creative genius is born from this, the thought-processing capacity in the field, shaped to achieve the work of art sublimation.

The products fall outside the definition of both conceptual and traditional aesthetics, born of unusual and sophisticated combinations ranging between fashion and design in the pursuit of poetry.

CrossChic has chosen Donatella Brunello bags to complete the collection Moda Donna 2016, finding in his style the #ForHappyGirls CrossChic philosophy that is inspired. From Coco Green shoulder bag to Bugatti Leather Lemon, we accompany different styles of outfits, colorful, extravagant and very original. We were not looking for the usual bag Chic but rather a touch of originality, something that could tell the inner spirit of CrossChic woman.