Here we are!! My beautiful fashionistas readers: well-found!
Then Trump won, (a blow on the skull for Americans, but eventually will match the bills, to do satire now we have material we too) in this political frenzy, "Not my president," the only thing we care about safe, are uotfit Melania. We'll see what the designers accaniranno on her, and how far apart are his choices from those of Michelle, starting from the garden. Imagine the look: we move from a very real, democratic First Lady also look into the choices, which flaunted a set over set of outfits, and that will make her figure to perfection. Each is, and will be, the expression of his legacy and its ideology, instill the style is just that: a message to those who look at us.

Back to us ... leaving the problems to be First Lady, (whole staff pay to fix the grits, between a spot on dress and a wrong, we should certainly think about us for free) and focusing on our theme serialized namely: Must Have. The past few weeks we stopped here: Tailleur, LBD, T-shirt, coat. Today we will deal with two other easy, easy Must Have.

Monday Tips Naomi TolentinatiI introduce the first topic, with a statement of the great Diane Vreeland: The blue jeans are the coolest thing since the gondola. Here, we got there at all, the emblem of modernity, the costume revolution par excellence: jeans. An institutional poster, international, democratic, globally. Quoting again the appreciation of great fashion to the iconic leader, Yves Saint Laurent said several times that he wanted to invent himself, and that is the most spectacular boss, practical, relaxed and informal that you can have in your wardrobe. The jeans has a great expressiveness, an immense sex appeal, is practical, versatile, is complete in a context of disarming simplicity: Less in blackberries.
Monday Tips Naomi TolentinatiThe jeans is undoubtedly the most democratic leader, and universally recognized as a mass phenomenon, the history of fashion has seen the jeans shouts: "I unique." It is a product that has the power to make you a system, but to take away from it, with the subjective interpretation. This is what makes the jeans, makes you feel sexy spending very little. The secret is, do not mistake the model, each woman has her reference jeans that fits to your body, and her femininity. The jeans should enhance the leg and buttocks, if you find one that does this effect have not yet found your ally. The models are infinite: Skinny, boot cut, baggy, boyfriend, wide, bell bottom, in short, a world to know. What matters is to wear the right one. If you shorten the figure, and it makes your ass loser, CHANGE IT. The jeans should do pussy, not bad luck. Take your time, and choose the right one. Created for us around the look that reflects you, and you will not be pushed aside.

Monday Tips Naomi TolentinatiThe second must-have to have, and absolutely fine, is the Twin Set Classic? Sure. Reliable? Obvious. Boring? Never. Appropriate? Always. Was founded by Otto Weisz of "Pringle Of Scotland" in 1934, made in the most precious yarns, and worn by princesses, queens, and women from high society, the twin set will never betray. I know that talking about it, you may come to mind those sweaters sad as professor of desperate letters, here is no, the idea of ​​twin set that I have is different. What you must have, it is an idea of ​​lightness, freshness, elegance that never sets. The contexts in which wear are different, but the elegance that give these two pieces, hardly hold up the comparison with sweatshirts, sweaters and various rags.
Monday Tips Naomi TolentinatiThe Twin Set is always appropriate, either with jeans above, that with pants palace, or pencil skirt, or pinstripe serious and rigorous. The colors and fabrics to choose from are endless, ranging from the classic beige or camel cashmere, up to fashion colors stronger and testing materials. Whatever combination you choose, pay attention to the class features, and color output with your wardrobe. You must have good rounds with all your stuff, and if you have one definitely the color to bet will be a neutral, but if they dare to possess different colors and alternative fibers.
We have added two other important pieces to our must-have. They are easy, but not trivial, especially have to mix and match with personality, not to be one among many, but stay "I Unique". 

Girls embrace you, next week and I recommend write me.

Kisses, Naomi