Good morning!!!!

Girls come from a shaky week, by dint of swinging with the keep, I have the feeling of having morning sickness when I was very pregnant.

My theory is: "I stagger but do not give." Away the bad thoughts, and focus on our Mondays from lionesses.

Who stops us women? We are tough inside, and we do not put in subjection by anyone or anything. We are thinking of those who would put the Devil in Hell if he had there, we would go round in circles between its pitfalls, dressed to the nines and above all without sweating.
As promised, this week we continue with the Ten Must Have must-have in a wardrobe worthy of a woman who sets them straight Lucifer. We were left with the Shift and Costume. Now we add two more key pieces to build our Perfect Wardrobe.

Noami Tolentinati Monday TipsThe third essential part (and this brings my social battle for who knows me) is: the coat.
If someone is fighting for the geese, I'm fighting for the Protection of the coat. It can be see that whole stretches of blacks dressed women with bags, and not dating with a sacrosanct in wool or cashmere coat or fabric hell you want. And you do not tell me that the duvet is more comfortable and warm, because we do not live in Antarctica. I wear coats always, I've never owned a down comforter, and I did not die of cold, something will mean no?!
My great teacher Coco said that "No man will make you feel protected and safe as a cashmere coat and a pair of glasses."

Noami Tolentinati Monday TipsAbsolutely true, there is no better assurance of a coat that warms you, makes you emotionally independent, and above all it makes you feel incredibly charming. If you add a pair of spectacles, from which you can observe everything and everyone without having to account for them, you're a real queen. There is no down-filled class woman (it's like Cracco would cook from Mc Donald's your McNuggets) can not do to convince me (I am like the smell of fried Cracco him I do not like).
If you make the effort to see the proportions you will see that the bloated effect of the bust inflated tire and the water retention effect of the thighs will result in a ball if the elegance secret is in the proportions will understand for themselves that look like to a ball, it is not the best. Give it a try, put on your nice down jacket, turn around from the back, and do yourself a picture of your husband. It will pass the urge to insist. Trust me.
Noami Tolentinati Monday TipsThe coat is the calling card for access to the sophistication, the gait, the sense of style that marks the clear difference between a woman of style, and a woman who simply covers; his coat, his coat, his cloak, the hood, are the access keys to '' Esence of Woman ". A nice outerwear saves, minimizes, even ennobles a simple outfit, because it is nice, nothing else. Instead of spending plastic money you pay by weight of silkworms, purchased a tailored coat or with finishes that survive fashions and seasons, always worth the splurge worth. As good Oscar argued that, "If you are not a work of art, at least you should wear," I do not think it would have been glad to see us in quilts vitamin, with honestly embarrassing even colors.

C-0-A-T ... PLEASE

Noami Tolentinati Monday TipsMust the fourth in order of appearance is the T-shirt White. The history of the T-shirt is known, the Americans land on our shores to save us from war, and in addition to the Marshall Plan, give us not a boss, but a poster, a slogan, a protest, a statement of faith, of purpose, the promise to a team, a revolution in all respects. Communication via the Internet before it, started off T-shirt, was the forerunner of Twitter.
The T –shirt is a leader 12 months, is fine for both the summer and for the winter, they should have different versions: short sleeve and long, round or V-necklines, wide / narrow, over / mini, printed or simply white .
Noami Tolentinati Monday TipsThe T-shirt is a passe partout for every jacket, suits, jeans and clothes that you want to give an air of easy. Without a t-shirt you will not be able to defuse some outfits that otherwise seem too serious or very serious and out of context, in Urban environments. A blue suit, a white T, and a slipper in green velvet, is the best you can see worn by a real voguistas in this warm winter. 
Here, our list has reached four must-have, you have them all now? (If you tell me that you have no coat, I do really to french fries in box). It is always a pleasure to be in your company, spend a good week and if you are missing some super glamorous detail make a click on our gallery.

Hello Girls, on Monday for the next two Must Have !!!!

Kisses Naomi