"There is no art where there is no style."
Good morning Women. Today I woke up with this maxim in the head. Without style there is no art, because art is born from the style. This rule does not relieve the planet woman, indeed he dwells in its own right with so much of the Decree, and it should be our leitmotiv.

Without style the art of being a real woman does not exist, therefore we have to refine, as adjusting and establish one that is perfect for you.

We are looking at the components necessary to become true icons If Same. Our list of Must Have is almost finished, you can begin as early as next week, to make a check of what is missing and what is already there in your wardrobe, and apply the appropriate adjustments. Do not think that they are worthless pieces, or obvious. I am A.B.C. stylish wardrobe, from here we start, then everything else that will be the complement and completion of what will become your personal mood. Do not think that your style is simply the way you look, it should become your way of being.

Redoing the list today, we have six Must: LBD, Suits, T-shirt, Twin Set, Coat, Jeans. Popped up all over? Well, now let's move on with the next today.

Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsIf there is one thing that sets us apart from the men, and the ability to have children, it is to know how to walk in heels. You do not tell me I do not know why I am sending home Sarah Jessica Parker and we force ourselves to 48h on a Manolo. The heels are a miracle, Mariln said that, to those who invented them, they should give him an award, and he was right, she had her mythical gait, and you know for certain that with sneakers could never be the same. Now I'm not saying you have to be over heels from morning until 7 at night, I have also a woman with a family and commitments, and I understand that sometimes are not really to be proposed.
Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsThe rule, however, from which it comes is not that you have to know how to walk properly, and you have to wear them with mastery in the right occasions. Are there any dress code, not written, asking for a certain type of outfit, when is the time right now, pull out your heel twelve, and wear it without complaining and without sounding of the skiers. Gait safe, female, tip / heel, toe / heel, straight away and make an imaginary point: here's all you need to know, it's done.
Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsThe friends you make technical tests at home. I give you a straight, pulled a strip of duct tape on the floor that will face online, and Walk across, one / two / three / one hundred times as long as the pace will not be the right one and sure-footed. The heels make the miracle to stretch the calf, pull up the seat, making it look much more slender leg, even surgery does so much. Any suit, skirt or pant like to wear with femininity, is only complete with a sensational stiletto. Quell'andatura slightly undulating, the slower pace, the sure stride, is the art of being a woman. And this is not discussed, you learn and just.

According Must Haves of today are: THE JEWELS. Necessary in your must not miss a beautiful jewel.
Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsA diamond, a pearl necklace, a small precious to pull out at the right time, these pieces give a great light, a dull woman is a woman who no one will look, you must be radiant. Accessories, commonly defined Bijoux (I was lucky enough to many large Maison), they are what complete a look, and a look without accessories is like a car without seats, its difficult to drive. Remember: the great Coco mixava real jewels with fake jewelry, so do not make will be influenced by what you said your mother, a lone fake at times, you can wear next to a metal ring true, and a row of pearls can be combined with ten fake. Just have taste and be able to put together true and false.
Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsThere are so beautiful rings and necklaces so special, that the mere fact of not being jewelery, not detract from them anything. The jewelry / accessories (true or false), radiate your beauty in general, so do not give them up. They are the difference between a black mock any and glamorous black turtleneck. Are your true customization, are what makes it completely different and unique.
Do not EVER give up being beautiful, never someplace in condition to say: "Gee, why did not I think of that." Do tell other.

Even today our appointment ends. Have a happy week stylish, and please, do not ever caught unprepared, always thinking outputs that meet the ex of your man ... and if you are Real Women, this should be enough to make you look more divine. Kisses to all.