Good morning!

Here we are at our appointment by Voguistas! Nice to feel Sparkly Monday, gloat on his heel, and not feel the swelling of a stylet 12, despite stairs and cobblestones (sworn enemies of each Louboutin). That's cool being a woman!

Today, dear friends, we will address a topic that needs more appointments to be developed properly.
These weeks will be dedicated to the Ten Must Have to have in the wardrobe.

Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsYou can not become a Style Icons without knowing the foundation. The style is taste and culture. Knowledge of the history of fashion, makes you able to disassemble and reassemble it in your usual and customary, making your mood worthy of interesting ideas. Between being a style icon, or a simple fruitrice product, there is a difference capital. It's like saying that the maximum libido is having sex with Rocco Siffredi: Embarrassed, an unprecedented sadness ... come on ... The style is more ...

The need to draw up this list, it was raised by the analysis of the clients of my wardrobe, watching them I realized that, at times between his crutches, there are the basic ingredients to be true Fashion Addict. It's like not to have in the kitchen, oil, salt, eggs and flour, my mother dannerebbe, so I with women who do not have the style pillars inside the doors of their wardrobes: all mirrors and no substance.

So what are these Ten Must Have?

Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsThe first piece that can not miss in the wardrobe of a woman, who defines such, it is the little black dress: LBD. The Little Black Dress is one of the focal points of the Style Of Woman. No you can not have a sheath dress, Chanel will denounce as unfit Dress Up. Minimal, versatile, elegant, has for over a century, the female leader par excellence. It was invented by Coco, perfected by Dior, and made universal icon of Givenchy. Worn by Audrey Hepburn, which made style poster in "Breakfast At Tiffany's", the LBD is the female leader and charming that it was conceived in the history of costume. It can be worn at all times, and always be appropriate to the occasion. A woman with a black dress exudes an irresistible magnetic charm.
Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsIt has not existed style icon, who has not passed through the seams of a LBD. Its simplicity makes it the essence of a slogan dear to every fashionista: less in blackberries. Go find yours, and check what state versa. It must be of good quality and very good fabric. Check that the seams are not extended, or that has not taken nasty forms on your behind. Look at a woman in a baggy suit, it's like having front Gabibbo dressed in black.
It does not make so laugh ...

The second part to have at any cost is: the suit.
Do not be fool by the orders that tell you that there is in fashion (do not hardly ever know what goes or not, invent trends assist in their inventory and will shove leggings shoots cellulite).
Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsThe Lady's Suit designed by Chanel made famous by Yves Saint Laurent, still passing by Balmain, is a further proof that the story can not escape, so, please, we passed over were not as Tyson in shorts and boxing gloves, grace. The suit is a must, every successful woman has sported one. I am reminded of the memorable images of amazing Bianca Jagger or the gorgeous Jacqueline Kennedy, iconic lovers of architectural suits and fashionista, which have made it a pillar of their style. The color and shape are chosen adapted to the physical nature and tone of the wearer. White is the best, black is sexy, elegant beige, blue elegant.
Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsThe only attention you have to pay it to the shape of the jacket and the width of the pants. If you have an important breast avoided the double-breasted, if you are not very high, do not take too long with the jacket, if you are slender try an over sized. In short, there's one for every body and age. Just find it, and treat it with great care. A woman in a business suit is the greatest danger of a paradise. Remember that even if suit, tailoring class features and the precious fabric, the donate an extra charm.

For this week we stop at the LBD and Tailleur, the next will continue with others Must Have to have at all costs. Meanwhile, I wish you a nice week of chestnuts and mulled santoo. Remember for any advice or questions please feel free to write.

Hello Beautiful women !!!!

Kisses Naomi