Good Morning!!!!!

Here we are, as promised, to our appointment on Monday. How did you spend the weekend ?? Are you happy that it is true Monday !!? Without mother-in-law, without a husband who chases you with remote control and beer for the football match, Monday is the best invention since the push-up !!!

Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsThe best way to start the week, meanwhile, is to get up early and prepare for the best, you never know who you might run into the evening, and since all we have only one chance to make a good impression to those who also meets us only by accident on the subway, the best strategy is to never be neglected. The Charme, is an attitude that does not abandon us on a Saturday night with disco, or on Friday evening after the Happy Hour. The Charme is a way of being, and being an attitude that interprets femininity, has no breaks or days away.
The care with which you dress, shows how much you care about yourself. Zoe R. argues that "fashion is the best way to say who you are without having to speak." 

Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsA proven way to feel like a woman, is to wear a dress, which is also one of the must of the season.
We have it in all ways and in every variation.
Effect lingerie, with ham sleeves with floral print or scarf, gipsy, denim, fringe, eco-leather, plissato, large, straight, shape A, mesh, silk, viscose, in short, if they're clothes.
Prices are affordable because every company offers to its attractive prices. The forms then, are really for each type of body. Those that reflect less the fashion concept, are short, lengths added centimeteres and if you want to be right, the reference measurement is one that just finds the calf. The most audacious wear it with jeans underneath, but if you do not want to dare so much, just to draw attention to a sock.

Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsAnother trend fashionista, sees him starring with under a t-shirt, and I must say that I like this idea a world. The colors do not have to be equal in fact, at times, make more noise and are more trendy.
Combined with a day sneakers, and a sculptural evening shoe, the dress is a mood that we like, and we feel women / damage. Fantastic no ?! If femininity is not "dangerous" means that it is no bursting or funny, and ends the fun of being a woman ... a woman who makes waste ... that beautiful story, and it's nice to be female. Bye Bye Girls do a great week, and if you ask questions arise, I say ... always ... Women / damage.