Good morning!

This morning I woke up with two life buoys the eyes. I think I overdid it yesterday with all kinds of crap available at home. Result: it looks like The Scream by Munch.

I have to run for cover to get back to being presentable. Step one, lemon juice and warm water; two steps, past the ice cubes on the face; three step, herbal tea ginger to carry me back. For 11 I should be able to deflate the buoys, and reestablish a kind of mental and physical wellbeing.

Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsWhen you have a unpresentable face you can save only a shirt. The power of a shirt is unlimited, you think: it does become interesting also some man, imagine if a woman does not help to camouflage dark circles two. The shirt is a real passe-partuot, at the same time has the ability to make you indistinguishable from the crowd. If you see the beauty, the charm is heard, and this feeling imperceptible, is the power that a woman must know how to use when getting ready in the morning. Ever not appreciate a woman who was dressed in a white shirt and a wide trousers or a pencil skirt; these elements always catch my attention. It is not a fast rule that the outfit should be tested altered. Sometimes rely on the safe, it is the easiest way to surprise, especially if you have little time.

Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsYou are of those who dare to? So I tell you, the shirt as a seasonal trend, it should be worn big as those that steal the wardrobe of my husband. Reach out and just tucked on some Anglo trouser, but all very casual, not a definite effect to "run away from home". The wrists cover your hands, and almost never connected. Due to changing volumes, the overlaps and the waist that disappears are the new diktat. 
Speaking of product itself, the quality of cotton is the key to do be a trivial shirt. A good cotton holds the board, and has that typical of the boss just starched clarity that takes you back to the elegance of when everything was in order. One secret to camouflage the value of a shirt bought on the cheap, is to change the buttons, putting them in mother of pearl or similar, base fabric will go into the background, and you can permettervene maybe more than one.

Naomi Tolentinati Monday TipsSo shirt: white, light blue, cotton, denim, silk, man mandarin collar, long, wide, short, asymmetrical, with inserts, with ruffles, with bell sleeves, is just shirt. After that you have worn: "Everything is in the attitude," says Diane Von Furtenberg ... fatevela not fail, never miss the chance to be women.

Good week to all of you look next Monday!