Hello to all,

I'm Naomi, and I deal in life style, I'm an expert and fashion consultant, I love all that you are wearing, (I could also find interesting a habit, if I wore a beautiful Hermes belt), and I love women full of personality.

Naomi Tolentinati Monday Tips

With this column, which opens today, we will company each Monday, talking about all that is glamor, sparkle, and so chic. We will call this event "Monday Tips" and will be our fashionista way to start the week ... even the most tragic, the one with the gripper in the hair, and the leggings (no please) and restful stockings. I will say mine and you yours, you can question me and ask me questions concerning your figure or your wardrobe. We identify everything that makes us voguistas, and absolutely amazing. We'll discover trends and moods, choosing one that is right for you, and also to your taste.


We will try to combine the figure, needs and personal taste. We'll have a world to do tests and find outfits, sometimes crazy and others totally chic.

We will resolve once and for all the eternal dilemma of Carrie: "I'm back with the same problem: a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear"

Carrie Bradshaw citations from Sex and the city

We will find something to wear, we will find a personal way to interpret fashion and style of each. We find a way to not spend crazy amounts, but still be insanely beautiful. This is fashion, a game, if you do not have fun in practice and do not know to interpret it lightly, we will not reveal the his arcane.

Then I wait all next Monday, prepared the questions and I'll try to give you the best answers.

There shall we say of the fine. And remember: Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes and a nice dress can change you Life. Take note, this is already the first tip.

Kisses to all Naomi