at Beverly Hills CaliforniaBeverly Hills, August 14. Here we are. This time we looked at #BeverlyHills with differents eyes. We are selecting the last dress Collection Fall Winter 2015-16 #FW2015 Women Dress.

We are looking for some new inspiration among the boutiques Rode Drive.

The temperature is ideal, there are "only" 89 degrees Fahrenheit or about 32 degrees of ours.

From the parking lot we moved to Rodeo Drive intersection with Dayton Way. After a classic usual photos under one of the most famous signage in the Fashion World we stopped at Jimmy Choo boutique in front of Bulgari. Comfort and color, Jimmy Choo confirms our first inspirations #FW2015. We like the boot to be worn with short dresses above the knees but we have not even despised the new sneakers, glittery with checkered patterns.

Out, we left behind Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada we ran to Michael Kors Boutique, especially intrigued by the Collections of bags and accessories are shown in Vogue US. Pink, soft brown and other loads along with various sfumatare of whites and blacks convince us but not too much. No valiant effort to color and excite the winter but only the desire to capture a more classic and traditional woman. Just to match the clothes that we are selecting for our new Autumn Winter 2015-16 # FW2015. Yet Michael Kors we love even when it launches with the inclusion of studs and metal inserts.

A completely different style at Bottega Veneta. A few meters from Michael Kors, we found what we were looking for, colors and emotions. Green, orange, lilac, red and yellow. So many colors and so many styles. Here we woke up and it is not a case to be back in Italian. Fantasies are many, ranging from classic to trendy and fashion house with seasonal games made from colored inserts. We really like!

Amazed by Charlotte Olympia. Also on Rodeo Drive, fascinated by the visual display we left to conquer, prints and bright colors, fun as much as we imagine the woman. Bags and accessories have breathed the same air and transformed assume new forms and styles, very fashionable for parties and special occasions. 

With a smoothie in hand in perfect style #California taken from Fornaio in Beverly Hills and after a full day of clothes, shoes and accessories, we came back. I forgot, some purse :) and we had what we needed at the end we found it.

We leave you now with a preview of the new collection # FW2015.