Hello #ForHappyGirl

L'Espace de la Mode this week is dedicated to the beauty and in particular to the importance of knowing the undertone of your skin in order to know how to choose the colors that best suit our person not only for make-up but also for everything related clothing.

During the inauguration of our Fashion Corner in Valigeria Ambrosetti in Varese and Charme & Cheveux in Lecce we decided to pamper customers who came to visit by offering them a mini sitting with our image consultants to raise awareness of the undertone of their skin.

Although Elisa and Florence will not be very well want to share with you two small test which you can easily do at home. Tranquille not reveal the tricks of the trade ... but you know me, I'm a super curious and are not good at keeping secrets ?

The first test (although quite sloppy) is to identify the undertone of the skin based on the color of our veins:

- If you tend to green the undertone may be hot;
- If you tend to the blue undertone it might be cold;
- If you veer towards an undefined color the undertone could be neutral.

The second is that of the tissues. It needs two shoes one gold and the other silver. Place them underneath your chin and you'll notice how the two colors on your face will look more brilliant. Silver goes to enhance the cold undertone while gold that hot.

I suggest you do the test with his face totally cleansed and cover the hair with a white cap. At this point, you're wondering, what are the colors that can not miss in your wardrobe?

Warm undertone

Ok to yellow, red, orange, copper, gold, shades of brown, and green in all facets of these nuances.

CrossChic.com Styling Consultant

Cold undertone

Ok in pink, lilac, blue, dark green, silver, blue, and all variations of these nuances.

CrossChic.com Styling Consultant

Now you just have to visit CrossChic.com and choose the clothes that suit your undertone.

Would you like to participate in the next course of Personal Styling? Send me an email with your city to itsfashion@crosschic.com and I will provide all the details on the upcoming event.

See you soon and #HappyShopping