Call it Little Black Dress (LBD often abbreviated), or scemarello as he used to call the journalist Camilla Cederna, the little black dress is one of the leaders-icon who made history in the fashion industry, but also the cinema. As a good evergreen, knows no age, fashion or season and is an essential garment in the wardrobe of every girl and woman. Due to its versatility and variety of models, it allows each to choose his and customize according to your taste and style.

The story of the little black dress began in 1926 during the 'revolution' of Coco Chanel who gave him the name of Petite robe noire (little black dress) and devised with the intention of creating a dress that was comfortable, so as to adapt to the physical every woman, and particularly portable on any occasion.

Later, in the fifties, was the "New Look" of Christian Dior and conservative movements sprung up after the war, reported the sheath to its origins of uniform and symbol of the dangerous woman. The female characters in film and fatal particularly outrageous, in fact, often wearing sheath dresses blacks, to create a strong contrast with the portrait of the woman-media, wife, mother and homemaker.

The increased popularity of the sheath to become myth in the sixties, when the actress Audrey Hepburn wore in the famous film Breakfast at Tiffany's.


That particular model was a Givenchy and was sold at auction for 410,000 pounds da Christie's in 2006.

Since then the sheath is dropped from the conventions and started gaining support among the masses, even though a group of detractors remained firm on his convictions.

The British magazine Daily Mail published some time ago a survey which showed that according to 75% of the women interviewed, the sheath is found to be the most important item of clothing in fashion history, even before the jeans and the Wonderbra.

CrossChic.Com was born in London. We were travelling and had this project dedicated to Italian fashion in the back of our minds for several years.Opening a shop wasn't enough and an e-commerce website seemed too little.

One evening we were having dinner at Burger and Lobster in Clarges Street. We were surrounded by happy, beautiful people wearing simple, elegant outfits. Chic and trendy. We absolutely adored it. They were all very colorful and original. Many beards, vintage jackets over tight trousers and elegant leather shoes. The women wore simple clothes. Some dark, others colorful. Some wore scarves loosely draped over their shoulders with both high heels and comfortable pumps.

At one point we looked at each other and, perhaps helped by the white wine, said two things. First "Our idea has to live in places like this." Second "we want these people to wear young, elegnt and colorful Italian models."

And so our adventure began. We had the idea to insert a Corner into clubs and places like these across the world where people like this hang out, together with an e-commerce site selling dresses to women who, more than anyone else and thanks to their simple complexity represent the intersection of this pilosophies of this new lifestyle. A traditional and trendy chic. The classic dress. The colorful little black dress infused with Italian design and style.

The intersection of chis is CrossChic.Com "Where fashion is intertwined with style and elegance. Where everything is mixed with life and the desire to explore our existence through love for ourselves and for the colorful world."

And so we no choice but to happily and proudly embrace Italian fashion. Exploring the peninsula looking for young, emerging designers who could captivate us and take us back to the world we experienced that night in London.

Departing from London, we began our search. Young Italian designers and seamstresses capable to interpret our idea with with their own style and elegance - an elegance that is sometimes frivulous and sometimes serious, sexy and extravagant.

We want to dress women around the world who are curious explorersand love life. CrossChic.Com was created for metropolitan women looking for a refined, personal and highly original style.

My name is Valeria and I have always wanted to dedicate my passion for fashion to a woman like me. A traveler and a dreamer. Hard-working, serious and sexy. I love this scandalous life, full of ups and downs, always wearing a smile and lots of colors.

I look forward to welcoming you to but don't miss any of the events we're going to organize in the many corners around the world in the coming years.

- Valeria S